The transfer of mutual funds to Victory Capital has not gone well for me.  I have no account details or any ability to complete any type of transaction.  The inability to obtain communications with them indicates to me the problem is significant.  I do not understand why there has not been any communications from either Victory Capital or USAA. 


@support33, Sorry that the transfer has not been smooth, this isn't how we ever want your experience to be. I am forwarding your post to an area that can help. Thank you for your membership and hope you have a good weekend. ~Tom

An hour ago I posted the name of a VC POC who helped me fix this problem for our accounts. I received the POC from a facebook message from VC.


USAA has since, via a direct call, asked me to remove the name of the VC POC from this website.


Feel free to send me a direct message if you want to discuss how I was able to solve this problem since I could not fix the problem using normal customer service channels.


@Tony6- thank you for the update Tony. Direct message is great. We appreciate your engagement!~Shawna