Victory Capital transition

Selling off our accounts to Victory Capital Msnagement was bad enough.   But it gets worse in far too many ways.  (1).  Don't know about anyone else, but logging in to VCM proves to be a major pain in the patootie every time: you need a 6 digit code they will text, but it must be provided within 10 minutes, or you must start over again.  No problem if the code comes in within 10 minutes, but that doesn't happen often.   I've complained MANY times about it, but srtill no resolution.  (2).  The USAA webpage for months stated that at some point in time, my account info residing now with VCM, would be displayed on the spot where I checked accolunts.   It's been what....more than a year since USAA began the sale/transition?   No one likes dealing with IT, but we have no choice.   Ww're at the mercy of USAA and/or VCM IT processes.   Bad mojo for us!   (3).   Now the USAA webpage says we CAN display VCM data as promised, but we must link VCM to that USAA webpage.   Sounds good, but when I attempted to do so, the process has a page listing external companies which we can click and link.   Ummmm.....VCM isn't listed!   There is a salvation, however...a box to type in VCM.   Hooray!!!    Except, it doesn't work.   After a few tries with the same reply "there's a technical problem, try again later", still a no-go.   Come onnnnnnn, VCM and USAA!  You've had a year or so to transition professionally!   You have a "special" section at VCM dedicated to assisting USAA members.   Put them to work, lor fire them.   I have six accounts USAA sold to VCM: one for me, five 529 accounts for my grandkids.   I won't say how much VCM inherited from USAA, but it's a bit more than a buck eighty-five!!!  Why must we/I be subjected to gross ineptitude by both USAA and VCM because you all can't/won't do your jobs?    Investing and overwatch should not be the challenge it is today.   (4).  Once you get into VCM, the fun doesn't end.  Navigating that site is yet another pain in the patootie!   At one point, all of a sudden last week, I could see my personal account, but not my five 529 accounts.   So after wasting a lot of time getting into VCM, to check on how well their accounts were doing, the account info wouldn't display.   A VCM representative "thought" my computer recognized the five acounts were spam...even though my personal account is listed alongside the 529 accounts.     All that history, now the inability to link VCM to USAA.  To quote Charlie Briwn, "AAARRRGHHH!".   

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It's now two weeks since USAA replied someone would contact me and straighten this out.  Just tried again a few minutes ago to link VCM to USAA.   Same result.   Type in Victory Capital Management....nothing.   USAA doesn't "recognize" VCM.  As of 1 Sep 2021, VCM transition section will disappear.   Thanks, USAA.   As much as I hate to agree with some of the nutjobs on this page always griping about USAA, you can't argue with truth.   There's not much true [or even sensible] below certain members' names here, but the general theme is valid: customer service, and some specific professional actions, are below par in USAA today.  The VCM debacle simply happens to be high on the list.   


It's now two weeks since USAA replied someone would contact me and straighten this out.  Just tried again a few minutes ago to link VCM to USAA.   Same result.   Type in Victory Capital Management....nothing.   

Hmmm .... that is strange.  Not long after the transition, I linked my VCM account to my USAA account.  Took a day or two for it to appear, but it did.  Unfortunately, it didn't provide the type of info I wanted ... only balances, not activity.  So, I unlinked it.  That, however, was before the USAA site make-over.  Based on your reply, I went back to my USAA account to see if I could link it again.  It appears that there should not be a problem.  I went to add account, then selected non-USAA account (or words to that effect ... I can't remember now).  A window opened with a search box and some pre-selected accounts.  VCM was listed as depicted in this screen shot.  I selected VCM and it presented a box to sign in with my VCM credentials.  I didn't do this, as I have no desire to link it (all I really care about is that my monthly distributions get deposited correctly and on time!).  But it seems it should work.  Screen Shot 2021-08-22 at 4.35.34 AM.jpg

I'm lost

1.  USAA sold off its investment portfolio to Victory Capital.  2.  Transiotion avbout 1+ year long.   3.  USAA's webpage "promised" we could observe our investments at VCM at some unspecified point in time.  4.  Logginr into VCM is a hit-or-miss proposition, at best.   5.  VCM's website didn't display five of my six couldn't see what went on with thoiusands of dollars.  (Note: later input from VCM: we know there is an issue and will fix it...some day).  6.  USAA states on its webpage in that account block that we can all connect external accounts by following USAA's process.   7.  VCM will not load as an external account for some "technical problem".    8.  Do you want/need additional clarification?   If you have accounts sold to VCM, you may/may not experience this problem.   If you don't have accounts sold to VCM without your permission, you don't have a problem.   9.  Bottom line: USAA, along with VCM, had more than a year to effect an orderly transition, but didn't.   Comprende?

HI @oldesoldier. We are saddened to read of your experience and would like the change to review this further. We have located your profile and will engage an account specialist to review further. Thank you ~JM