I'm trying to transfer funds from Money Market account to Checking.  In almost every other bank, that transfer should be seemless and relatively instant.  In fact it used to be that way for USAA.  Now I see a screen popup telling me it could be 3 business days for those funds to be available.  Needless to say that's a ridiculously long-time.  


@abcdefg, Thank you for reaching out about the transfer. Sorry for the inconvenience of the delay. I am forwarding this post to the appropriate area now. ~Tom

No need for follow-up.  I closed all my USAA investment accounts and transferred the funds to Schwab.  Problem solved!

We transferred our USAA funds to Fidelity to manage as we, too, had issues with Victory Capital and did not like that we had to buy or sell to transfer to/from our checking account and it might take 3 days.  Right before the conversion, we transferred our last USAA fund (a tax exempt Money Market) to a USAA Performance Savings Account so we now have nothing with Victory Capital.  Even though it is not tax exempt, it is worth it not to deal with such poor company.