When USAA transferred its arm to VCM, it brought with it many problems for us.   Accessing accounts is difficult and time-consuming; maneuvering between multiple accounts is extremely difficult; receiving the required text or email access code too often occurs AFTER the ten minute grace period; and the owner's individual account performance isn't available...in a usable format...in a timely manner.  Note: VCM is currently producing account performance with February 2021 numbers.   It's mid-April, USAA management!  I realize USAA isn't responsible for how VCM conducts its business, but it was USAA managemernt who subjected us to this situation without our agreement/permission.  According to VCM, they were always the ones who conducted day-to-day operations, so nothing actually changed.  But I disagree: at a minimum, accessing my account information now is a nightmare.  And when I actually recive my entry code, get to my separate accounts, and take aclose look at fund performance, all VCM produces is a line chart over time without an associated dollar figure.  Thanks, USAA, for nothing.  We can't even access account data via the USAA website as promised, because that function hasn't been installed.  The transfer was final in November 2020, but it isn't finished on 19 April 2021.  Not a good sign.  USAA had many, many months to prepare for this transition, but didn't/couldn't do it.   


I'm transferring my sons 529 to Fidelity.  Much better interface and more professional organization.