This is a free country for now and you are entitled to your opinions.  But you know that opinions are like a**h***s, everyone has one.

@Squires - Thank you very much for your feedback. I am very sorry to hear about your experiences with USAA, we do still offer VA loan products for our Veterans, if you would like more information please let us know if you would like to discuss further. - Dan

I completely agree. I've be loyal to USAA, maybe too loyal in hindsight.


  • I started with their insurance, and their rates continue to increase.
  • I started investment accounts. And even in a bull market, my investments were losing money.
  • I started a college fund for my kids, they underpreformed and then were sold off to another company.
  • I tried using them for a VA loan, they offered me 5.4% when Veterans United offerred me 2.6%


I keep giving them chances, and it seems like I'm let down at every turn. Seems like their business philosphy is flawed.


"We can do one thing great, of multiple things terribably."


And they're choosing the latter of those two strategies. I'm with you, I'm looking to bail on USAA after being with them for the past 18 years. They are just going downhill which is sad.