I have been a USAA member for nearly two decades and have seen many changes, most have not been for the better. Does anyone else remember the days a live person answered and directed your call? Now, you have to go through a ton of prompts, sometimes screaming to get the system to hear and understand you. Once you get to the right que you have to listen to that new U-S-A-A jingle every 20 seconds. Now, these are minor issues and perhaps not important. Compound this small nuisance with the fact that USAA sold off our investment portfolio to Charles Schwab. Charles Schwab actually has worse customer service than USAA. After three attempts I was finally able to transfer that account to Vanguard. This year, while mortgage rates were so low for VA, USAA ACTUALLY STOPPED OFFERING VA LOANS which I can only guess is because they would not make enough money on them. We were pre-approved for a VA loan and were personally told that if we did not go into contract by the end of the pre-approval they would no longer be offering the loans. Forgive me for asking but how does an institution that serves the military NOT OFFER VA LOANS? Needless to say we financed with Navy Federal at 2.35%. After that, we moved our rental property insurance out of USAA, as well as picked up a new and less expensive auto insurance company. This is the year we are leaving USAA. We are closing all of our accounts and certainly would not recommend them to anyone else. Instead of marketing to gain the membership of new veterans/military members, USAA should spend their money on keeping the clients they DO have.



Been with USAA for 25 plus years. I too have seen this company circle the drain. I have contemplated moving my substantial business elsewhere. The customer service and quality of USAA employees has noticeably devolved. I wrote to USAA customer service multiple times regarding concerns with my mortgage refinancing only to be ignored.

So sad. USAA is now mediocre at best. All my fellow friends acknowledge the same experiences, USAA is asleep at the wheel.

I'm a 37 year member and I've actually come to dread contacting USAA. I have yet to have a problem settled/question answered by their ubiquitous robo-menu, and yes, the USAA jingle is nauseating. Once the robo-menu is successfully navigated to a live rep, I am increasingly bewildered by their ignorance/incompetence, to the point I almost wonder if they are intentionally being disingenuous- I would say at least half the time they give out misleading or frankly inaccurate information, and a couple of times I've caught them in outright lies. I'm pretty sure they are trained only to read from a script, and if it's not on their screen they are helpless. Though a few times they've been overtly rude, for the most part the reps are syrupy friendly to the point of canned phoniness- they cycle through catch-phrases that must have been focus-group tested, especially "we value your membership," "I'll reach out to my colleague," "I'll escalate your concern to the next level." Recently I was 25 minutes into a call about a money transfer and was simply disconnected. All in all, making a call to ask a straightforward question or solve a simple banking problem, expect to spend 20-30 minutes, without any guarantee of success.

@Reid Fitzsimons, thank you for taking the time to share your concerns about our service. I regret to hear you feel this way after 37 years of membership. Feedback from our members is important to us and I will be forwarding your post to the appropriate team for further review. Thank you. - Rhonda 

With 45+ years in USAA, I hate to agree with the writer who started this thread.  But I do!

I am very sorry to hear you feel this way about USAA especially after 45+ years of membership.  Thank you for providing this feedback as it is very important to us.

The real question is, "What are you guys doing about it?"


Feedback is only useful if its used to correct the problem. I think you folks have a serious problem on your hands, as life long members are rapidly heading for greener pastures. 

Shop around.  Everything USAA offers can be beat.  You will get better value and definitely receive better customer service.  I left USAA after 40 years and am very happy.  What has been intentionally done to USAA is a disgrace.

You left?  But I see yhour moniker here, all the time.  I don't come to this board often, but you are here constantly.  Too often with some hinky comments.

Would like to see the "Old" USAA back.