Have been a u s a a member for almost 30 years. I'm very upset about a recent cd ira transfer to an annuity that took 20 days. usaa has not been receptive to changing the transfer date closer to the date that I was told by usaa that it would b completed. I feel I have gotten the run around. I have received misinformation and no one can explain to me why, when I called on august sixth according to usaa records, the transfer was not completed till august 27th. I have missed out on a lot of interest.


we have moved well over hundreds of thousands of dollars thru u_s_a_a over the past 30 years. this is a very disturbing trend to see so many complaints in the u_s_a a community page as well as facebook.


over the past week or so I have withdrawn $25,000 dollars out of one usaa account and I'm going to continue to withdraw $5000 at a time until my accounts are depleted or until this matter has been resolved.  


They clearly could careless. what upsets me is that USAA rides on the coat tails of soldiers and has made billions of dollars doing that under the guise of representing military. they should be stand out stellar in customer service for our soldiers and their families.  it is almost like they are just profiteers  using them for marketing .