I was not told about USAA in the military, or I might have signed up.  As soon as they opened this to the veterans, I signed up immediately and was so excited about joining and switched all my auto insurance, life insurance, and banking to them.  A few years ago, I was trying to buy a foreclosure house and got a personal loan of $65k quickly and easily, then paid it off when the deal went through.  A year later, I bid on annother house, got a $75k personal loan quickly and and easily, then bought the house and paid it off in 6 months, then picked up homeowners insurance too.

Today, however, is another story.  I am now trying to buy a business.  A $75k loan could me I could buy the business today.  When I tried, it would not let me.  When I called, I talked to two different agents before getting the answer that USAA no longer gives out loans of that size due to COVID.  This, to me, is completely unacceptable.  What is the point of spending years building good credit and a good rapport with a financial instution only to find out that you will not lend me money because of how other people are reacting?  You don't even check my financials?

A quick scan of my accounts shows that I have the same job I had before COVID.  My wife just got a better job, we have not been late on any payments, and we continue to maintain excellect creditworthiness.  None of that seems to matter though.  Now, I have to get a loan through SBA and the paperwork process sucks!!  Every single stupid page I fill out makes me more angry at USAA each time.  

Look, I am a nice guy.  I also understand business risk.  However, it is poor business to make sweeping decisions about business risk while throwing good customers under the bus with it.  It would be nice if you showed a little loyalty to loyal customers and show that we still mean something to you.    By a cursory glance at other comments, I am not the only loyal customer who feels this way.


Also, it should be noted that I had to put my complaint here because there is no other way to send them a message.  I do not care to talk to an agent who cannot do anything for me again, the automated system just says to call the number, and secure messaging does not include all of your products.  Again... poor customer service.


@bristar, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us regarding the limits for loans. I regret we are unable to meet your needs due to this change and apologize for any inconvenience this matter has caused. Your feedback is important to us and I will share your post with the appropriate team for further review. Thank you.- Rhonda

@Bristar, Many potential borrowers are in the same situation. USAA has been too busy announcing their recent 3-Year, $50 Million Commitment to Advance Racial Equality. Between this and the fines levied on USAA by the government, you'd think they wouldn't use the standard COVID-19 excuse to justify reducing their loan business to their members. 🤔 Maybe it's time to consider a new financial institution. Besides, USAA uses a third party for their loans, and people have complaints about them as well. Good luck. Hope things work out for you.

USAA is trash. Find a real credit union with real people who you can interact with. I just left USAA today after being with them for 12 years. 

@FrostyFos, This is very concerning to us and I'd like the opportunity to have your concerns reviewed. I will be forwarding your message to the appropriate area. ~ Lori C