Very Bad business

USAA only works with Experian.  Experian lost all my credit history and doesn't know or how to restore it.  Now USAA won't check with Trans Union or Equifax, who still have my credit history and scores.  I have very good credit.  But they don't care, if they can't access Experian, tough tootsies for the customer!  I have change banking to Navy Federal Credit Union because they use Trans Union.  There just two agents I spoke with who had any empathy for my situation, one sent me a dispute form and the other said she'll raise the issue with management. Ha

What a poor decision to just pull credit from one agency.  No back up plan when the credit agency screws up.  So Long USAA, and I hate your music when I'm on hold.

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1,000% on the spot.   Experian was one of the failure sub-contractors USAA uses.   Ussa severed its credit rating service, but still posy’s our credit scores from Experian.   That fact doesn’t mean we must use the info, as we can individually become members under there other, two, main credit rating services.   That said, Experian is one horrible service at best!   Experian dropped my credit score by a HUGE amount for non-payment on my truck loan.   No issue with that: if I don’t pay my Logan’s, I deserve a major credit score hit!   But I didn’t have a truck; didn’t have a truck loan with USAA; didn’t have a truck loan with anyone.   The loan wasn’t centered in my address; different city almost 100 miles away.   Loan in a name different from mine.   Experian, using USAA data, had ruined my credit history because someone else, with a different name, didn’t pay his bill.  Experian still provides credit score and report info under our old files from when associated as USAA members.   I still watch the Experian reports to check their work.   I file challenges all the time with Experian for things like: listing addresses at the wrong cities and states; wrong telephone numbers; even fraudulent loans like one from the Small Business Administration [SBA] which indicated I applied for a small business loan.   Experian is poorly run, and many times bad impacts came directly from USAA.   Of all the sub-contractors associated with USAA, that provide horrendous products, Experian is the worst.   Whether USAA plus these subs, or the subs pay USAA for the services, it’s apparent someone makes verrrrrrrrry bad choices, or someone takes kickback.   I don’t know which one it is, but USAA’s subs suck pondwater!     [NO CEO CALLS, PLEASE!].    

@oldesoldier, we will ensure your feedback an experience is submitted and reviewed. We appreciate you letting us know. 

Good evening @ChefChris, I regret to hear of the concerns this has caused. I was able to locate your profile and will engage the appropriate area to share your concerns. If additional information is needed they may reach out to you. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. -Emily