How do I find my VantageScore?

Credit Score FAQ


How can I see my VantageScore?


All primary or secondary USAA credit card account holders will be able to see their VantageScore on their Account Summary page. To see your VantageScore, you'll need to log on to or the USAA Mobile App with you USAA Online ID and password.


In the future, we hope to provide a free VantageScore to members.

Mine is currently showing the "As of 5/30/2015" score. I imagine it updates monthly. Do you know when the updated, in this case the "As of 6/30/2015" score, generally appears?

I am currently working on getting an accurate response for you, SST. Hang tight! :-)


The score is updated on the 15th of each month! Thank you!

I just checked (7/16/15 1:20am Eastern) and my Vantage Credit Score updated. It hadn't been updated when I checked just prior to midnight so it appears that it updates on the night of the 15th of the month.

Again, I think this is a pretty good perk to having a USAA credit card. While I'm not looking to seek and additional credit/loans in the near future, I imagine others are. So my question is:

When the score is updated monthly, why is a score that is 15 days old provided? My score that updated tonight is "As of 6/27/15". Why doesn't USAA either 1) provide the score "As of" the date that the score is updated or 2) Update the score on the date the update is "As of"?

I don't quite understand why there is a 15+ day difference in the "As of" date and the date it is provided.