Just talked to USAA. Apparently the most recent e-mail went to ALL USAA customers, but only those customers in Illinois and Georgia are eligible to see the VantageScore.

I recieved an email from USAA tody that gave the following directions;


Viewing Your Score Is Easy

On usaa.com:



Log on to usaa.com.


Select your credit card account from My Accounts Summary.


View your score.



I followed the directions, but there was no score displayed???


Why would USAA send me an email then not deliver?

I have a similar concern. Wondering if I am missing something, I received this email, but can not find the score on anywhere on my CC account. Hope I will get clarification soon

Apologize if this is my second post as I don't see it coming up anywhere.


I have the same issue. Received email - followed directions - do not see score online or on app. Strange for USAA to email and then not deliver.

What gives with the VantageScore promo?  I too received an email 2 days ago and just now tried it and could not find the information anywhere on the credit card page.  I'm disappointed that USAA has not responded to this issue both here and by pushing out a notice.  They obviously are capable of pushing documents out.


I wonder if they even monitor these posts!

I can see my credit score. At the full site it is on the upper right side just underneath the drop down box that says "View Another Account". I've also seen it on the android app, just not sure where. I didn't receive an email notifying me of these changes, however.

Unable to find anything along lines of a score anywhere on the website.

Thank you all for your questions regarding the VantageScore, I am tracking down an answer. Thank you for your patience!

I see it on mine. It isn't on the Main page where the tiles are, when I click on my credit card I see it presented kinda in the upper right(ish) of the page.

It does not work for me.