Since my comment from nearly a month ago, my Vantagescore returned shortly thereafter. It would appear that it is being updated monthly, as the first time I saw the score it showed an as of date of 31 DEC 14. It now shows an as of date of 31 JAN 15 and the score has changed slightly. I guess I'm one of the lucky few that made the test group. I hope everyone has access to it shortly. It is really a nice perk! Regarding the IT comment, I'd have to say that the updating of the website is not consistent. Since we are on a fixed income, we monitor our accounts closely and data is clearly being batched and run on their schedule...not according to the date it should post. For example, one of our CDs earns interest on the 1st day of each month. As of 2200 last night (2 MAR), the interest had still not posted. It did become visible this morning (3 MAR) with a posting date of the 1 MAR. On the other had, over some long holiday weekends, I've noticed that interest had posted early with an as of date in the future. Smells to me like someone has to be present to mash the button to run the computer job. Kind of archaic in this modern time. In the end, I'm grateful for USAA and the services they provide!

Same thing with me -- I received an email yesterday about a credit score on my account. 


I went to the USAA site, had to reset 2 passwords, etc., etc.  Not easy to reconnect.  Finally got on, and no score.  Figured that customer service could help, so I called.  No help, they don't know what is wrong.  They want me to get on with tech support, if I have time.




Thank you very little.

I apologize for the issues you all are encountering seeing the credit score:


You should see the score after logging in and navigating to your credit card account page. Below is a screen shot where the credit card holding members should see it:


 Please let me know if there is still an issue.

USAA, why would you send out an email advertising the VantageScore whey it's not available for me to view or use at this point?  If you had listed any information on when the service might actually be active, that would have been better.  Poor communication on this feature you are looking to roll out.  Try to coordinate the emails to your customers with the actual product release next time if you can.


I received the VantageScore e-mail, and I just checked both online (in multiple types of browsers) AND via the mobile app.  And no, I do not see the VantageScore information you described.

I don't see it either.



I was curious whether or not this issue was fixed. I havent seen the credit score feature in over 3 months.




I received the email on 19 May, and was also told "soon"...but as of 1 July 2015, I am still unable to see it. So I was just chatting with a USAA Rep, and she (xxxxxxxxx) told me that I had to contact Experian in order to see my score, which made no sense in that the site is maintained by USAA, right? Well, apparently Experian pushes the score to the USAA site, and she said that I had to contact Experian...really doesn't make sense to me...I tried on my iPhone via the USAA app, Firefox, IE, Chrome, doesn't matter...I still cannot see the score...



Please send us an email by clicking here, with the issues you are having and stated above. Someone will review and be in contact with you shortly. Thank you!



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I just sent a message using the link you provided...Hopefully we can understand why some members are able to see their score, and others are not... :-)