I was looking at the Vantage score provided on the website recently and got to wondering what the score is. I read many articles saying the score is basicaly useless in determining credit.


I want to know does USAA use this score to determine credit worthiness for loans?


Or are they advertising it and not using it either?


Exactly what is the excelent and good range if they are using it to help determine the best time to get a loan?


Any help on these questions is greatly appriciated.


Dear Dagn,


Thank you for your comment in community. I have passed this along to our bank and once I have a response to your questions, I will post here. Thank you.

Thank you. I look forward to finding out

Hi Dagn,


I wanted to give you the update I promised from the bank:


VantageScore® is being provided to bring credit score awareness to the account holder and provide advice that will help the member understand the factors that go into determining their score along with steps to help improve or maintain their credit score. VantageScore® is intended as a reference of current credit standing and will not be used for credit or lending decisions by USAA.


If you would like, You can find out more about VantageScore by contacting Experian at 1-855-246-9506.Thank you again for commenting.

The Vantage score that is offered for use by USAA members is worthless. I see this as just another way that USAA can advertise and cross sell products to drive revenue for their best interest. Having been a member for over 26 years, and remembering the GREAT service of the past, I can only say that USAA is no longer my go to financial company. USAA used to have all my business. Sadly over the last few years I have found other organizations that can provide quality products and outstanding service, and slowly have been moving away from USAA. SAD.

Dear Abethecat,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Before you decide to leave, we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to speak with you. At your convenience, please contact us at 1800-531-USAA (8722) about any question you have about the Vantage score. Thank you again for your post and for your long time membership.


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