Schwab is great but Victory Capital Management sucks. By this I mean I can't log into their website, can reach them by phone and can't get a call back. More specifically, I can't set up an account with VCM because it seems like I already have one, but I don't have login credentials for the account that I have set up, and don't believe I set it up. And it's impossible to get any answers because NO ONE EVER ANSWERS THE PHONE. I understand that transitions will bring some disruption, and the CoronaVirus challenge is difficult ... but we're all doing the best to ultimately fullfill our obligations. Except VCM not even making an effort. So I have absolutely no visibility or access to my investments. So yes, I acknowldege that "Sucks" is a strong word but what word would you use?




ArizonaNavyVet - I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason

Jason, thanks for your reply. Even after speaking with VCM last night for about thirty minutes, I'm on my third day without access to my life savings. VCM was unable to resolve the problem and provide me online access to my account. Wrap your head around this. VCM promised to escalate the issue, but I've not heard from them so far today. So please consider the difference between the helpful intention of your comment and my perception of USAA's credibility right now. 

An hour ago I posted the name of a VC POC who helped me fix this problem. I received the POC from a facebook message from VC.


USAA has since, via a direct call, asked me to remove the name of the VC POC from this website.





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So after a week, and three phone calls with VCM I still do not have access to my acocunt. In fairness I'll say that I have not worked on this 24X7 since then, but I've probably put 5 hours into it. I tried again tonight and have same problem. My username is recognized but I don't have the password and can't reset the password. VCM says there is a disconnect beween my account data and the data in the system they are using to verify me, but they are not able to break this link and reset my online login. USAA committed to working with me to help resolve this but other than the replies to this online message, and a secure message that recommends I contact Victory Capital Maangement (who does not answer their phone) I have not received substantive help at all from USAA. In fairness, USAA may have tried to call me and missed me. I did get one call from Victory Capital Management last Thursday and was told that they have their best people on it. Jason, by the way, I haven't heard from you again either since your note above. This is a terrible way to treat customers, is what else I think. 

Hello @ArizonaNavyVet, we have escalated this to Victory and they will be calling you shortly. It will be from a phone number you may not recognize so please answer as they will be able to help you further with this. Thank you. ~Sarah