I am a disabled veteran and I have been trying to keep an unauthorized entity from entering into my account. USAA said that once the card with the chip was received no one could enter into my account. After my account being blocked for 10 days along with no activity or use. They allowed the same entity to pull $712 from my account anyway. Today exactly. I thought under the USC code no one could take from any disability issued compensation. I know the government nor the social security can not but USAA can allow anyone to enter and garnish your money without permission or the authority to do so. Today I also found out that they are not FDIC, so you won't be able to retrieve your money. No protection at all it seems but they want our active and veterans to join their establishment?? Anyone can have a document and take what they want out of your account??? Regardless of what reason. To all military and veterans watch your money. Stay on top of it because while they are not FDIC you won't get your money back!! I'm closing my account going local with FDIC protection. They will not allow any one into your account. Period!!




We appreciate you sharing your concerns in the Community. We realize this matter has been frustrating for you. Your comments have been shared with a colleague who will reach out to you to discuss this matter further. We look forward to the opportunity to address your concerns. -Gus