VA Energy Efficient Mortgage and Insurance Rates...

After 20 years with USAA, I am not sure what has happened.  I found out recently during a call in to USAA that they are no longer participating in the VA Energy Efficient Mortgage Loans, the program offered by the VA to allow energy efficient improvements to a new purchased property.  THE bank known for its military support and foundation, has stopped participation in a great veterans program.  I used this program back in 2010, so I know they used to do it. So sad.  


Second, insurance rates.  I used to be proud to talk about my USAA insurance rates... brag about how awesome they were.  Not any more.  I think it was sometime after Hurricane Sandy, and maybe USAA just took a bath with NJ and FL that year, but your rates have never been the same.  I remember having disucssions with USAA customer service reps about "program decisions" made and that the rate increases had nothing to do with me personally.  My car insurance went up, home owner's insurance went up.  So, in the interest of saving up to 100%, I went to Geico.  This week I called in again about home owner's insurance, trying to give USAA a chance, and my quote was $2,300 compared apples to apples against Geico's $1,285.  I just don't get it.  Apples to apples.  Come on, USAA!  This is terrible.  I want to give you my business, but can't justify double in payments to do so.  


@Ducatimic, thank you for giving us another chance to quote your home insurance needs.  I am saddened to hear that we couldn't compete after an apples to apples review.  I certainly understand your concerns on not wanting to pay double, I hope we can compete down the road.   Please know we truly appreciate your membership and not giving up on us.  I am forwarding your feedback to the appropriate area about the program.  ~ Marco

Hello @Ducatimic, USAA does still offer the VA Energy Efficient Improvements program. Only certain items qualify and documentation is required. One of our loan officers can discuss this option with you and what steps you can take to utilize the option.