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I have been a customer with USAA for 8 years and they have always been amazing. Today is payday and I have no money and they say it’s because the VA hasn’t sent the deposit. I have confirmed 3 times with the VA that indeed my deposit was actually released from the treasury on March 18!!! Where is my money USAA??? My day is COMPLETELY RUINED!

I know this won't help any of you, but my VA deposit is showing pending at credit union. This is one of the reasons why I left USAA Banking. The other had to do with unacceptable delays in getting pending transactions to show on their website when you view your accounts online. The CSRs should at least look into it instead of pretty much telling you it will come in when it comes in--especially if this out of the ordinary.

Thank you so much!!
I still haven't got mine yet..Have you got yours? This is so unusual and hope it comes in on monday :(

HH Star - No delays that we know about. We will post your direct deposit as it soon as we have it. I hope this helps. - Jason

There are delays Jason!

Thanks for letting us know, Kelly USAA. Sorry you have not received your expected deposit. Keep in mind, for any direct deposit, only the source of funds can track its status. IF yuo have not received the deposit by the posted pay date April 1st, please let us know. Thanks, Jason

Nope, still not in and today when I spoke to the representative she informed me that there were several of us...she was the only HONEST person so far. The rest of the responses have been complete garbage smh