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I have been a customer with USAA for 8 years and they have always been amazing. Today is payday and I have no money and they say it’s because the VA hasn’t sent the deposit. I have confirmed 3 times with the VA that indeed my deposit was actually released from the treasury on March 18!!! Where is my money USAA??? My day is COMPLETELY RUINED!


@Kelly USAA, I'm sorry to learn that your deposit is missing. We'd be happy to research the issue. Please call us at 210-531-8722 or chat with us. From the USAA website, you can chat with us by selecting "Reach a Representative", "Contact USAA" or "Ask USAA". From the USAA Mobile App, you can select "Help" and then "Get Contact Options".


We'll need the following information to research the missing deposit:

  • Expected Date of Deposit
  • Account Number Provided to Originator
  • 15-Digit Trace Number
  • Amount of Deposit
  • Company/Sender Name


I’ve already called you 3 times...still nothing

Thank you for your reply, @Kelly USAA. I can certainly understand the frustration. We'd like to help. We can begin the research once the requested information is provided. ~DC 

I’ve already called and provided this information

@Kelly USAA, Were you able to provide the 15-digit trace number? The trace number is essential in locating a missing deposit. ~DC

The VA did not provide it as they said to wait until April 1st...however one of the reasons I bank with USAA is the early posting dates

@KellyUSAA, we will post the deposit early, depending on us receiving the direct deposit information (which is what usually occurs).  However, when we do not receive it, we do not have information to update or post to your account.  Once we do receive the direct deposits, it will show as pending on your account. 

So the issue is with the VA not having sent the information on time?

@KellyUSAA, they are able to send the funds over at any time.