I have been trying to use the USAA money manager to help budget my finances, but I am getting confused... I primarily use credit cards to pay for expenses throughout the month, then pay the balance off in full at the due date with my checking account. I have my credit cards linked through USAA so I can see the expenses and have them tracked in the money manager. What seems to happen in the money manager is that it tracks both the credit card charges and the credit card payments from my checking account, so it appears as I am spending double what I actually am... For example, if I charged 25 dollars for a meal, and then later paid my credit card off, that transaction would appear twice (as an dining expense and as a credit card payment). I thought to just not include my credit cards in my money manager, but then I would not be able to track what I am spending with my credit cards. 


So, in summary, my question is can I track credit card charges, and then somehow match those charges to the payments so I only track the expenses one time in the money manager?


Hi bedouin86,

I have passed your question along to our My Budget tool expert here and will update you when I have some additional details!

I Have an update:


The tool should handle both scenarios as you described, but there are some defects currently that may be affecting those scenarios presently.


This is considered a high priority and I will provide another update when it is fixed. Thank you

I am curently trying to figure out how to do this same thing.  Do you have any additional updates on how the credit card payment transaction should be labeled in order to not show as an additional debit to my budget? 

Hi HC09,


Another member posted a similar question here :


The member should include their credit card as being tracked in the budget so that every individual purchase is captured in the budget and placed in the correct category. Payments to the card should automatically be categorized as “Credit Card Payments” as seen in the credit card Account Summary page, but the transaction itself should be ignored by the budget.  That ensures that the purchases aren’t double-counted.  (please let me know if this is not working for you as described, so that we can look further into why this is happening for you).


Does this answer your question?


Thank you!

I am having this same problem where it is showing over budget under Debt, Credit Card Payments, so it looks like a double deduction.  I would like to setup my budget so it doesn't show the credit card payments at all; is this possible?


Thank you.

Hello Brian and thank you for your inquiry. To properly assist you with your money manager concern, please contact our Website Support Team at 1-877-632-3002. Please say "tech support" at the prompt. Thanks! - Darrell