Using Bill Pay with Mac 0Sxxx

Anybody else having problems paying bills on their Mac?  Bill Pay won't allow me to update the "pay from" account.  It works fine on iOS, and I would presume Android.

The problem persists on both Safari and Chrome using two different computers and two different operating system updates.  Cross site tracking allowed.  Pop-ups allowed, Cookies not blocked.  Spent an hour with banking and credit card reps.  Got bounced out of the IT queue.  Got a feeling it's an IT issue.

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Hello @Graywoodtwo and thank you for reaching out to us. I’m sorry to hear you are having difficulty. There have not been any reported issues as of yet so I will look into this. Our website support team should be able to help you in the meantime and they can be reached at (877) 632-3003. ~Sarah