Usaa sucks

I had a death in my family so I borrowed money from a local finance company and since it was almost 5 pm instead of fighting the bank I decided to deposit into my usaa account instead of fighting the local bank traffic it was written on. Well, they put a hold on the check which has delayed my leaving to be with my family at this time. That's the last straw I moving MY SSI check and I'm refinancing my automobile loan to get away from these people they suck when it comes to helping their members and I've been one for ove 10 yrs. this is so sad and painful my heart is hurting I just want to go home and give my sister the funeral she deserve....thanks for nothing usaa.. capital one bank here I come
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I am very very sad to see they're ruining other veterans lives with holds as well. They just put holds on all my funds the entire Thanksgiving holiday week. Keep your chin up, veteran. Check out Navy and US Bank.
The way USAA treats those who served is egregious and wholly unacceptable.

@Chanteau, oh my goodness, I am so deeply sorry to read of your loss. Please, accept our condolences. We certainly do not want to add additional stress during this difficult time. I have located your profile and have escalated your concerns to the appropriate department for further review. - Robyn

What a joke! This is the response to every single complaint I've made and have seen others make. It's the response I've received for every single phone call I've been on with them. Then NEVER ANOTHER WORD!  Good luck. I previously posted how to write to the USAA CEO and Board. I've written multiple times. They call me and assure me it's being escalated. 

Do you ever feel guilty about repsonding to member's concerns and problems with that same non-sense over and over again? I'm sure it's a job requirement, but being paid to dissemble and sometimes lie outright must cause you a little soul-searching.

@USAA@Robyn - What good does it do to escalate the concerns?  It takes a couple of days for the escalation and many times, USAA sticks to their guns about deposit holds.  How does that help those who need their money right away?  USAA escalation is just a way for USAA to feel better about themselves.