I am a legacy member and have had my own accounts for @34 years ( insurance). I recently lost my job unexpectedly and usaa has done nothing but make things harder! It is like dominoes of disappointment when life is already so scary now! I hate phone menus and lack of personal contact. I am changing everything one by one to a "regular " local bank.#sodisappointed


So sad to read --being a legacy member myself after our beloved families have sacrificed their lives.


I can hear the disappointment in your post. I'm sorry you have found yourself in a difficult situation. Being a commnity manager I do not have access to your member number or information. I don't know the specific situation you are speaking of and how USAA could go about helping you but I do know that USAA would like the opportunity to explore any options that are possible. Have you spoken to a representative? If not, please call 1-800-531-8722 or click here to provide us with additional detail and your member information.  If you have already spoken to someone and feel that your needs weren't met and wish to discuss that conversation I would encourage you to email socialmedia@usaa.com and provide additional detail that you didn't share here so that all options can be explored. 

Thank you.

Taryn did you leave USAA? I'm about to go through this issue and am not liking USAA attitude when it comes to soldiers having difficulty. This is when you see what they are truly made of.
I would also encourage you to do the same as I listed above. Thank you for your membership and for giving USAA an opportunity to try to make things right.