Usaa is a joke! They are not for persons in service for our country!

I've had an account for over 9 yrs. I started with a small secured credit card to build my credit. This card charged an annual fee. Fast foward now, I cancelled my secured card because of this. When I called to cancel and requested my security amount be transferred to my savings account Usaa took out the annual fee and put my monies into a credit on the closed credit card amount. It's bad enough they paid my fee from my account without my permission and I don't have access to my own money. It was a dirty dealing all around. I'm still waiting for my money. But they got theirs. I would never recommend this bank to anyone! If you are reading this, you've been warned.


@Glam4ya, thank you for reaching out. I do understand your frustration and we certainly do not want you to feel this way. The secure credit card does have an annual fee that was provided in the credit card agreement at the time of the account opening. This fee is charged to the credit card at the same time each year. This type of credit card is secured with a certificate of deposit and per the credit card agreement, does require the funds to be applied to any balance on the credit card at the time of account closing. The remain funds are then provided to you based on the form of deposit you requested. It appears you had requested the funds be deposited to your savings account. Due to security and privacy restrictions I am unable to provide account detail information specific to your account via social media, however I am happy to forward your feedback regarding the process of closing a secured credit card. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you.