I am very disappointed with USAA banking. After using insurance and USAA secured credit card, I was talked by usaa rep to open bank acct. I asked if I did how long before the funds would be available. I was told friday and my debit cards would come following week. Well here it's tues the 20th cards came and my wife activates it and goes to use it. Well funds still not avail. And all I get is the normal bank BS OF WELL ALL SEPOSITS CAN TAKE UP TO 15 days etc. This is crud in this day and age; you the bank can see how much If I had the funds avail as soon as I authorized you to take the money. And it left my other acct on the 15 th. I didn't really want to open an act to a bank that don't have any branches etc around me for many reasons. And to be also told that my deposits may be realese sooner when I build up a history etc. ,Withdraws deposits etc, why would I want to leave my bank that I already have that built up to start over at zero with this bank if it's actually gonna be worse. My wife may use this joint acct. I don't know but I doupt I will much. Funny USAA had no problems taking any insurance or credit card payments from this account or putting money in when I had the house fire but let me open an account at their bank and it's not good enough !!!