I have lost several potential home contracts in the Atlanta area because usaa va loans take to long and are unreliable! So now what do I do? Use their local financial companies or spend [removed sensitive data] and go conventional loan?


@Lucy2020 In a competitive market VA loans are going to be less desirable than conventional loans to sellers and real estate agents. To guarantee the loan, the VA needs to know that the home meets their standards and will require an inspection during the appraisal process. Any issues found during this inspection will be required to be addressed prior to closing. Most sellers aren't looking to spend any additional time or money making any required repairs that come up during the appraisal process which makes the conventional loan more attractive. Their may be smaller organizations or local lenders that can close the loan sooner but typically some of the biggest delays on a VA loan come from either waiting on the VA appraisal to come back or the time it takes to address any of the issues from the appraisal. These delays can't be controlled by any lender, the VA handles scheduling of all appraisals and re-inspections. Unfortunately there is no way to expedite or rush that part of the process. 

Ok, maybe I didn't make myself clear. I am just the little customer telling you, the great big bank that if you where not aware of this fact, you all have a problem in the Atlanta area, and possibly other places! "Realitors are telling, the little customer that, there are big issues with USAA mortgage loan VA program. Realitors for sellers, are not accepting housing contracts because the process for a VA loan is taking to long. The Realitors are promising their sellers that other lenders can close in 40 day and without a difficult va home appraisals. Which is forcing customers to seek other types and other lenders, if they have cash."! Most of us customers, don't have 20 thousand dollars just laying around to put down on a conventional loan either. You must also realize that the Realtors for an area, are pushing up home prices too because conventional loans or other lenders don't have difficulty appraisals? So all of theses little customers that belong to the 4 or 5 bases in Georgia, can not buy a house right now. The little customers can not get a very low interest rate on a house using a va mortgage.
I certainly don't know what the answer is but I can tell you that if I have to go use a local bank near Atlanta to get a different loan, then this little customer will do it, I guess If I can, after wasting the last two months, while a pandemic is occurring! I have put in several full price offers, only to be told no.

There use to be a Realitor referral program that usaa ran but I guess that program is gone?

Maybe talking with Realitors in the areas about these issues might be something you all can do.

I believe what one of the Realitors stated was the lack of communication with you guys seems to be a problem. Maybe you all could train Realitors and give them access to certain files....I don't know.
STUPID ME FOR EVEN TELLING YOU! And every dumber to waste my time.

@Lucy2020 Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback. This is definitely not the experience we want you or any of our other loyal members to have while searching for a home. We ended our Real Estate Rewards Program a couple years ago but we still have representatives of USAA that travel to all 50 states to speak to agents face to face about our products and procedures. These representatives also gather feedback from agents in hopes to improve the relationship between USAA and real estate agents across the country. One example of a change that we made based on real estate agent feedback was the new real estate agent hotline. This hotline is available to agents that may not be able to get a hold of a loan officer or processor during our normal business hours and is a great resource for general questions about or products and processes. I will also forward your feedback to the representative in your region. Thanks again for your time and suggestions, I truly hope things work out for you and your family.