I am experiencing this same issue, with a SECURED credit card!  The account is backed by a Certificate of Deposit.  Why in the world would I be hit with this 7 day hold for a SECURED credit card?  It does not make any sense. 

USAA has failed:
-There was no communication that the credit card payment was being held, I had to contact them (via chat on mobile app)

-The customer support staff does not have any power to overturn these systematic errors



This is the second time that USAA has put me in a serious bind. The first time, they shut down my checking account with a $1500 balance after I made a large deposit.  I was prevented from using even the funds that were already present in the account prior to the deposit.


I will soon be ending my 21 year relationship with USAA.  It just isn't worth it to be at such large risks with handling my money.

Oh no @jayton4, that is not how we want our members to feel. Please know that USAA may place a hold on credit card payments to ensure the payment is processed successfully per the USAA credit card agreement terms and conditions. I will share your feedback with the appropriate area, we value your time today. Thank you. -Emily

I have paid 484.00 it was taken from my Bank Account and the payment was successful but thet still need 5 days to verify the funds? Does this sound ridiculous or what?

@Sabby86, I understand your frustration with a payment hold and I appreciate your feedback. USAA may place a hold on credit card payments to ensure the payment is processed successfully. If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. Tricia

They are a bankster institution, they don't care about you, they only care about the money you give them. Don't believe the lip service, bad company. They will screw you and never think twice, they screwed me and continue to coerce through various billing practices. Get as far away from this company as possible.
So I made a large payment on my credit. Because I have my 1st of the month bills charging to it. I dont want to hear anything about my car insurance being late.

We do not want your payment to be late as well @Nate the late and will need to proceed via our online click to chat. We appreciate your patience, once online please select “Reach A Representative.” If chat is available the link to chat will be available.   ~ Joseph

This just happened to me! I Made a large payment in order to pay a bill online using my credit card. I checked everyday to see if the credit showed up. Nothing. Finally I called and was told that because I made a larger than usual payment they put a 7 day hold on my incoming payment before applying it to my account. The money cleared from my checking account a few days earlier, so it's an arbitrary 7 days which does not reflect my payment clearing my bank account.

My concern now is whether they are going to charge me interest for the payment amount during the 7 day hold. If they do, then this must be a way to generate additional income for USAA since they received my funds right away.

Hello and thank you for taking the time to share your feedback concerning the hold placed on your credit card. Once the hold is expired your payment will be applied effective for the date it was originally received. Thank you. 

Jeez, guys, that tiny print in the credit card agreement isn't there for nothing.  It's a deal you either agree to or not.  Crying after the fact is