I paid my entire balance for my usaa MasterCard and I paid it from my usaa checking account. It has already been withdrawn from my checking but my funds are not available on my credit card. I am suppose to go out of town in 3 days for a family members major surgery and need to funds for my hotel. I can't sleep at all this has made me so sick with worry. Please help.


Did you call them?  According to the the credit card agreement, depending on method of payment, it can take up to 5 days or longer to credit (they reserve the right to withhold the credit availability).  

Dear Mrskm13,

I am so sorry for the worry this has caused you. If you give us a call at 1-800-531-8722 a member service representative can check on your payment and give you additional details. Hope your trip out of town goes well. Thank you for posting.

I would give USAA a call and ask when funds will be available. In my case, payments from my USAA accounts to my USAA credit cards post the same day, and also reflect on my available credit. I have never had an issue with a payment not posting, or it not immedietely reflecting on my available credit limit. SInce you made the payment from a USAA account, I am sure a quick call will sort it all out. 

I called and they gave me a generic response. Basically it's a random 7 day hold because it is a newer account. I am already regretting my choice to switch our banking to USAA. I am so thankful for my Capitol One credit card, I will be able to be with my family during a time they need help the most. I can understand if there was a reason to place a hold, payment made from outside bank, previous returned payment, multiple payments made in which may haven't cleared just yet , possible fraud, etc. however not one thing has happened on any account of mine with any company. I have never had an issue. The only reason I switched to USAA was convenience of having everything with one company. Well I 100% regret that decision. I will be working to switch everything back again based on this one action. One more thing to the representative who will probably reply, save your time, it's obvious this company does not care for their members.


I am sorry you did not get more detailed information when you called. If you would like more details and wish to speak with someone different please send us a message here with the details you provided above and we will be in touch. Thank you.

The same thing has happened to me a couple times now...in fact right now. I have had this account for years. I was told it was a precaution because I paid more on my bill than I normally do. Since when is there fraud with a payment that is collected...its a credit!! If hackers are paying folks bills, it's news to me! This is something new within the last year from USAA. I may have to switch cards as well because the convenience of this card is becoming a problem. Case in point, its pretty embarrassing having your card declined in a store with a line of people behind you because you didn't notify USAA you are traveling. I actually had to call them and tell them every state I was traveling through and was asked which towns I was getting a hotel in. On another note, their insurance rates have undergone significant rate increases over the last couple years for us (with no claims) that others are cheaper for the same coverages. What is happening??
Just to add to the previous post, there should be no reason given by USAA dealing with how the payment was received. I have ALWAYS paid by bill via BoFA online bill pay and nothing else, yet they still have put a hold on my available balance.
I just had this exact thing happen to me. They said it was because I made a larger payment than normal, which is not true. I make large payments at least once a month if not more. They also said the last large payment I made had a few day "not hold, this isn't a hold" according to the associate, when clearly it is a hold. They have my money and my available balance doesn't reflect this and on a busy weekend for me no less. Also what she said was a bald face lie. There was no several day hold for my last large payment. I would know because I check my credit card on the app daily. This card is becoming more of a hindrance than a help lately. They also didn't give me a straight answer. First person yesterday and today said give it 24 hours and then the next lady said it may take until next Wednesday. I am seriously displeased with all of this.
So I just paid my credit card balance thinking that I would be able to make scheduled payments and to my grave disappointment, my credit was put on hold. Now, not only am I unable to pay my bills, the money was already taken out of my account and applied to my balance. I then called customer service to discuss this issue. The representative proceeded to speak to me condescendingly, and over me repeating the same script I'd already been told. For a company who advertises itself as one who assists veterans and their families, I was incredibly disappointed not just at the policy but also with the unsatisfactory service.