You pay your bill from a checking account.Is your checking account frozen.or what. You still can used your credit card even the fund is on hold.They did not cancel your credit card.

This same thing happened to me twice now. first time it happened I called they told me give it a couple of days. It turned into two weaks. Just happened again a few days ago. This time i called and just got "I'm sorry we can't help you. Is there anything else we can do for you?" what do they mean "anything else" they haven't done anythign so far

LughC, I would like to help answer any questions you may have on credit card funds availability. I understand fund holds can be frustrating and I want to make sure we get you the appropriate information. When would a good time to contact you be? - Janay


Yep - Same thing here. The payment is clearly posted to my card (my balance is reflective of the payment) however my fund availability is not reflective. I called and was told "oh its because you made multiple payments in a month". 


Really? This is an issue??? I have been with USAA for a ridiculous amount of years, but every year they are slowly losing my business. Already switched my auto and recently my home. As of today I have a new card I will be using. Essentially I will have a bank account for direct deposit only - lets hope they don't screw that up also, then they will lose all of my business.  


It is ridiculous, I've never had a late payment, never had a returned payment, etc. And I'm being penalized for "multiple payments" all of a sudden, just because I have multiple cash flows a month, I pay bills when I get paid and not in 1 lump sum.

init4love, I'm sorry for your frustration and I want to make sure your concerns are addressed. I'm engaging a subject matter expert to review your information and reach out to you. -Paula 

For all the good it will do after reading around the net.  Yes I have a new card.  Yes they show my payment posted (paid my balance)  Yep there seems to be a hold.  yes the cash is gone from my bank and unavailable.  YES ITS FRUSTRATING.   I guess this is how they are making there money by holding it in limbo for a few days and drawing intrest on it.  Yes thats okay.  Just wish it wasn't burried in the fine print so deep.  Tried calling but got put on terminal hold. STOP END OF LINE END OF RANT

@MrTnTexas, I understand that you have concerns about holds placed on credit card payments, and I regret the frustration caused by our hold policy. USAA is committed to balancing the financial well-being of account holders and the financial strength of the association. To achieve this balance, USAA employs risk management practices as protection from exposure to millions of dollars in risk, including potential losses related to non-settlement of payment transactions. Although a credit card payment may be placed on hold for up to seven calendar days, we do not earn any interest on those funds. When the payment posts to the account, it is backdated to the original payment date. ~DC

So, that’s not true....
I paid my $1000+ balance in full on Aug 1. It’s now Aug 13 and my credit card available balance says $1. Unless USAA has drastically reduced my credit limit to $1.

Hello @TxShortie, I regret to hear that you feel this way. I was able to locate your profile and will like to review with you. Please follow this chat link expired link and reference conversation ID to discuss on a secure platform, thank you. -Emily

Good morning, following up to see if you were still needing assistance? -Emily