Updated Budgeting and Track Money Module

For the past eighteen months I have been promised the update software for utilizing the very helpful and unique Budgeting and Track Money tools.   There is a new version which is pretty intuitive and versatile that involves on the fly budgeting based upon whatever expenses hit your checking account (if no category is rcognized), you are provided the opportunity of either creating a new category, or re-assigning the expense to a category.


 The interface has various (bubbles),  for the different categories that grow as the expenses re added.....Not a very good explnation, but my daughter who is a newer member than I started to use the bdgeting tool and the tool was completely different than the legacy tool which has been in place for a while.   


My calls over the pst eighteen months have met with no satisfactory answer other than 'the trnsition will be completed by the end of June!!!!


My Budgeting Page still displays "We are updating your files".


Does any body know when this transition will be completed?

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Good Morning @Top Gill, thank you for reaching out to us today although I regret to hear of the circumstances. We have not been given any updates regarding the new rollout, for best assistance please call our website support team at 877-632-3002. Please let us know if you have any other questions. -Emily 

I also having been promised that this deployment for the new features would be deployed. I contacted support and they had no more details. Just advised it could be another year