Since the "new and improved"  online user interface was introduced, USAA removed the ability to sort transactions by a variety of ways, expecially by transaction amounts. I've complained repeatedly that taking away this feature is a huge step backward.  I now am forced to export transactions into an external spreadsheet to sort via Excel. Repeated calls and feedback submisssions all fall on deaf ears. Today, all I heard during my latest phone comversation was lots of "okay." Well, no, this is not okay. 


Secondly, the export funtion is broken using Safari on a Mac with the latest OS. Chrome works, however.


No one has been able to explain to me why, for several years, the transaction search function requires a range of amounts. If I want to search for $20.10, I have to type that amount into 2 data fields. If I want to search for a specific amount, don't make me type in the number twice! This is not rocket science. I've complained about this repeatedly, but I'm just one voice in a large sea - 30 years as a customer means nothing.


I really would love to have a conversation with the people who sit around in back rooms without windows and design this stuff. But, alas, USAA is far too huge and impersonal to do that. Sad.




Thank you for sharing your feedback with us in Community, it is very valuable to us. I have sent this over to our Web tech team for review and consideration. Thank you, have a great holiday!