Update on pending fraud claim

After posting here on the last couple of days in the situation that is going on in the disrespect and blatant refusal from USAA to do their job and contact me I’ve taken it upon myself to call Walmart headquarters and speak with him about the hack which they confirmed imagine that they said I was the sixth or seventh person from the state of Indiana that has contacted them and that they are doing everything in their power to alleviate the situation I explain to them that I’m still out $426.97 and that the fraud department or USAA is not doing their job properly clear and blatant disrespect of their member by not following up On the evidence or contacting the detective on the case locally who caught the perpetrator yet I’m still out the money money that I’m paying interest on because it was a construction loan for my house that I deposited into USAA so I’m out twice now they keep insisting the fraud department will call me within 48 hours my phone actually rang at 8:01 this morning from San Antonio Texas USAA I answered it immediately and they hung up this is so mind-boggling and warped I’m at a loss for words I’m going to make it my due diligence today to contact Mike Braun my district senator in the state of Indiana to see what he can do he’s an advocate for veterans also the BBB and my lawyer and beyond playing games with USAA and their lack of disrespect for their member and members I keep getting response emails or responses to these postings from workers with USAA but you know avail nothing ever happens all they say is we’re expediting this or sorry we understand but clearly nobody does clearly I’m still at the money from clear and blatant theft and fraud had this been a local branch in my hometown I would not have this issue I like USAA you guys have always done good but here as of late I don’t know what’s happened with you guys I’ve read of the posts on disgruntled members that are facing the same or similar situation and nothings been done about it what is going on the local police department caught the perpetrator Walmart is aware of the hack and is working to rectify the situation yet I’m out the money because the fraud department deemed it not fraudulent weirdest craziest thing I’ve ever heard!!!!!
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@USAA - why do you threaten to remove posts when USAA has not done their job?  Isn't this what this Community Board is about?   I read the story about the coffee that cost hundreds of dollars and USAA was so "not helpful" in getting it resolved until it made national news.  This is the NEW USAA that we are all dealing with.   Instead of the same cookie cutter answers that the members see when there are legitimate concerns or thoughts from the members, it would be great if USAA Social Service's responses could actually be helpful or insightful.     


  As for the "threats", this is personal for me.  I keep receiving letters about my parents' powers of attorneys, but somewhere in all of this USAA lost sight in the FACT that they messed up on the initial phone calls.  If USAA messes up, then they need to take OWNERSHIP and fix it, something they have not done in the past 5 to 10 years.   Threats do not work and if I am threatened, I will again go to the BBB.    



We appreciate our members providing feedback about their concerns and experiences. There are a few guidelines that we adhere to while on social spaces just to be fair and considerate to everyone. Thanks for the question. Regarding your parents power of attorney, is there a particular issue I can assist you with? ~Crystal