Update on USAA'S CEO's Escalation Team for USAA Trust Accounts! Do Not Let USAA Manage Your Trust !

They are empty suits who have no power to resolve or execute on issues that are caused as a result of USAA policy and proceedures that do not work for managing money in Trust accounts.  The Staff assistance to the CEO are window dressing, but in reality need to escalate to their respective Director, who then may have to go to the VP, who reports to the Chief of Staff, who then might notify the CEO there is a critical member issue need to be resolved.  Of course it has been explained to me numerous times the CEO doesn't speak with members.


As a member since 1994 and money under management with USAA, I call on all members to write the board of Dirctors and request a house cleaning. Cultures start at the top and as paying members, our premiums and investments give USAA the financial strength it is so proud of......That being said, it is time to demand service and stewardship of our money.  The reply's on this forum are shallow at best.


They are lying, they do not investigate anything.  I was charged for a car in Denver when I was Deployed to Hawaii at the same time.  Disputed 4 times, last call was to tell me I was being charged.  Worthless bank with no office.  If you are military, stay away they do not have your back like they use too.  The company is below Standards and does not care about Military and their families.

@Alan Hawn we have reached out to our teams and according to our records;  you have been advised regarding this issue on multiple occasions. While we understand your frustration, we ask that you refrain from additional posts about the situation. As this is seen as “bumping” content—that is to say, posts that serve to repeat existing issues and bring them to the top of the Facebook wall. Please look to our “Posting Guidelines” on our “About” section at the top of our Facebook Page. Future posts regarding the same issue will not receive a response and are subject to removal from our wall. While it is our intention to never ban individuals from our page, if a violation of our guidelines is clear, we will remove the content and block the individual. -Colleen

Then fix the issue. You owe me $176.06 that your fruadualting charged and I go away.  And yes USAA is not a good service sorry.

I dont have Facebook this is your website, Ban me lets do this!  Dont make threats make action! 

@USAA - If the problem gets fixed, then there is no need for the member to come back on and restate the problem over and over again.   I believe that is how customer service works, right??   But as many of us are finding out, USAA doesn't work that way.  

Hey Colleen, why don’t you and your USAA Social Service team (btw, not a desirable name for customer service, members are not a social welfare case!) just answer the questions from members and fix their problems rather than waste precious time and digital real estate here talking about posting rules? Members are frustrated with the bureaucratic round n round responses that gets them no closer to a solution or correction. Obviously something’s wrong if a topic or issue needs to be repeated and repeated over and over-don’t delete members posts to USAA and to each other as they are informational, just make it right. Please listen to your members and just do your jobs so we can do ours.

Hey Colleen, 

Kudos to you for at least giving some feedback beyond the proverbial "we'll get back to you within 1 to 2 business days." However, you failed absolutely miserabley in your attempt. You come off as being a rude and uncaring person; an attitude many people are now associating with the attitude of USAA. As their employee you are helping to advance this narrative. And in doing so while attacking this member for "bumping", you yourself "Bumped" this and now it has resulted in more people seeing it. There's also the question that remains, was this Person refunded in this situation? It seems awfully fishy behavior by USAA, and now has more of peoples attention. And it's all due to your horrible reply that seemingly is Uncaring. If I were your boss, I would have this post taken down and do whatever damage control I could do. Again kudos to you for trying, but my God you need to learn tone, because you absolutely were terrible in your approach and it reflects on USAA in a way that is not going to win people over. And has now resulted in more people replying to this thread which is bumping the topic, which is not what you wanted in the first place but are now getting. I hope you learn a valuable lesson through this because you look bad. In the words of Donald Trump, "it's sad. it's so so sad."