Up to Date Accounts Timeline

I'm still trying to figure out how to get my accounts updated to "As of Now". Some of my accounts show 15 hours, some are 25 minutes, others are 18 hours. Sometimes I click on the account and it updates, most of the time it doesn't. Just not understanding this, there use to be a button to update accounts.

Can one of you Social Services responders help me with this, opposed to just sending my feedback to the "Appropriate Dept."

Thank you.

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Hello @PaulH

Our Website Support Team is the appropriate area to assist with this topic, they are available via phone. If you are needing assistance, reach our Specialists at 210-531-8722, "technical support" when prompted. 

Please review http://usaa.com/bankupdate click on “Learn More” to view Money Manager FAQ.


I will share your feedback, you can also do so, when you use the "feedback" tab, located on most of our webpages.

~ Lori C