Your banking services have gone from vaguely inconvenient to completely unusable! Great job penalizing the people who haven't ever had problems on their accounts. I can't access my paychecks for 10 days now because they aren't direct deposit? Jesus Christ. God forbid I have things that money needs to go towards like rent, or providing food for my family. Car payments. Things that have due dates and impact my credit. I love having to call my out of work fiancé who is a war vet with two Purple Hearts and telling him I can't bring food home tonight because my paycheck is being held longer and no one there can f-),&:g help me. Guess it's time to start looking at other banking options.


Items deposited with deposit@mobile or deposit@home take much longer to clear.   If you can get direct deposit please do that. 


If you can't you can take the check to a UPS store (most of them have USAA deposit terminals, but call first to ask) and they can deposit it remotely using your debit card.  This seems to be faster, but I'd try it with a small check from a friend to test that theory. 


USAA will give you postage paid envelopes to send deposits in.  Paper items to the bank in Texas are held the shortest time.   It usually takes about 3 days for an item I mail from Florida to show up in my account.   I did some experiemnts recently and the longest it took was something mailed on the weekend (so really out of the post office on Monday) showed up in my account on Friday.   It was a rebate check for $19.00 so there was no hold at all, but still paper items to the bank are held the shortest amount of time (if at all). 


Good luck. 

Dear Katastrophie,


Thank you for your comment regarding your recent deposit hold. The holds placed by USAA are done so as means of protecting our members and USAA Bank from fraud and loss. During this time, USAA will confirm the funds are good and make the funds available after the hold timeframe. This is a common practice among financial institutions.

The best option to avoid deposit holds is the use of direct deposit from a payroll provider or wire transfers from another bank. USAA accepts direct deposit from your payroll provider at no cost. If you are depositing a check or transferring funds from an external bank, you can utilize a wire transfer, which is not subject to holds. USAA also does not charge you for incoming wire transfers


Your feedback has been shared with the bank. We hope this matter would not be a deciding factor in your continued relationship with USAA. Thank you



Funny, USAA has no problem accepting FICTICIOUS CHECKS from HACKERS and depositing them in your account!!!!! And then holding a person completely liable for those checks AND then, I don't know, telling the USAA member that they can no longer use their @Mobile Deposit app for six months until they "earn the privilege back"!!! You mean that kind of protection against fraud and loss??????



I responded to your post here. Thank you.