My wife and I recently decided to open a joint account with USAA. We are currently on a family vacation visiting family in another part of the country from where we are stationed. Our funds are currently frozen by USAA for security reasons apparently and it will take 7 business days until our account will be available for anything other than DEPOSIT ONLY! We are now at the point of closing our joint account due to the frustration of not being able to access and use OUR MONEY!!! Do not do direct deposit with them!


We received a three page letter yesterday in the mail outlining the depository agreement for Deposit @ Home (which we love) and Mobile Deposit. It was one of those scary letters not typical of USAA FSB. The depository agreement is being held very strictly under the new management so you may do what we did: get another checking account and I can say the credit unions are like stepping back into time regarding customer service and CD rates. We still have our USAA FSB account open but after yesterday I'm not going to use Deposit@Home for fear of a techno glitch/ghost in the machine which USAA will not be willing to discuss to a solution. After our water, sewer, garbage utility bill is EFT'd from USAA FSB later this month we will transfer and close. One does have to ask, "What's In Your Wallet?"

I did exactly what you did.  I opened accounts other places now due to the new deposit rules.  It was bad enough before that they only gave us access to $200 of the deposits but it was better than nothing at all!!   They are going to lose so many customers due to this also.  They don't have branches so internet banking is the only option for most.  And no other bank holds all your remote deposits like this. They allow you at least $200 of it like before. I am so done with this bank



Thank you for your comment. I have sent your comments over to our banking partners for review. Someone will be in contact with you directly. Thank you.

Strange, I have never had banking problems with USAA. The only thing I would like to see is when I pay a bill online that the funds subtract from your total amount available. Chase does this and it is a big help in case I forget to write it down.
I know Florida has strange laws on home owners insurance too but I would like to see USAA partner with a better customer friendly company than Citizens. I have volcano coverage but not water damage in case a back up in my sewer. That is just strange.

Dear auclady,

I am glad to hear you have had positive experiences with our bank. I have shared your feedback with our banking team about having online bill payments deducted from the available balance ( I would find this helpful too!). I have also sent your comments about your Florida policy to our insurance partners who will be reaching out!


Thank you for commenting in the community!

I'm currently going through this frozen asset thing on my son's account for no good reason...I posted on many of these forums...nothing helps. ...this use to be a great bank I an going to let the ENTIRE military forum I'm o to NOT bank with usaa particularly the NEW graduate recruits who were recommended to move to USAA..