Tried using my debit card 5 times since around 2300 last night. Each time my card has been rejected because of "unknown transaction destination" which I have never seen before.


Hello Old31Kilo, was this at the same merchant/terminal for all 5 attempts? ~ Lori

Negative, 2 at same location (Arco #42036), 1 at supermarket (Vons, Torrance Ca), also tried atms.

Old31Kilo - Thanks for the follow up. I will review the situation and reach out shortly. Thanks, Jason

Old31Kilo - I attempted to reach you by phone to discuss this issue but was unsuccessful and left a brief voicemail. I sent a detailed message to the secure message center. You can access it by logging on, clicking your name, then Alerts & Actions, then My Emails. Please feel free to contact us again should you have any additional questions. - Jason