I am a 19 year member having a very difficult time with Banking services.


Simply put, my account has been compromised three times this year.  Once included a hacker shopping in another state with MY USAA card in hand, which of course, was in my hand in Virginia.  I have asked for, and received fees and monies be put back in my account.  It has happened again and I am now being told that since they have refunded fees in the past, they cannot do so now.  I have been waiting one week for a magical form to arrive that is supposed to make this all go away - - still waiting......


Nothing can be done?  Really?  I find that hard to believe.  I am so upset that though I LOVE USAA, I am thinking of taking all my money and insurance and going home.  I have faxed a letter to the CEO and while every single person this past week that I have spoken with says that they "appreciate my business," let's see if they really mean it.


Frustrated and disappointed.....




Michelle BR,


I am saddened to hear of the troubles you have been having. I would like to see if there is anything esle we may be able to do for you. Could you please send an email to socialmedia@usaa.com? Please include your member along with the situation you have explained above. Someone will be in contact with you shortly. Thank you.

You have a serious security issue if your accounts has been compromised three times in one year.  Most people doen't ever have their accounts compromised. 


Banks have been known to close accounts and stop doing business with folks that have multiple security breaches.  You really need to figure out how your accounts are being compromised.

I would advise you to start checking the gas pumps and atm's that you use for a skimmer. they fit over the card reader, if you jiggle the card reader, it shouldnt move. you can usually just pull them straight off. but seriously, if your cards been compromised 3 times in a year, somewhere you are using your card frequently is apparently favored by fraudsters

May I suggest you put a "Stop/Hold" on your debit card and use only a credit card if you have one, for the next few months.


Pay off your CC bill each payperiod to prevent interest charges.


If your CC has cash back option like the USAA Rewards program, you will earn cash back with most purchases.


Here is an excerpt from Yahoo Finance, Debit Vs. Credit: Which is Safer to Swipe article.


Not all plastic is the same when it comes to safeguarding consumers. Both debit and credit cards offer solid protection to account holders. But credit cards provide an extra layer of defense because they’re not directly tied to your checking or savings account. In the event of theft or fraud, you’ve also got a better chance at getting your money back if you paid with a credit card than if you paid with cash.


Hope this helps!