Unbelievably bad treatment from USAA

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I thought I was the only one

It happened to me the other month as well and I couldnt believe it, I would always brag about the best customer service USAA would have and there was nothing better than it and then

recently was speaking to a customer service agent  who it was obvious they did not care about myself or showing excellent customer service but to answer my questions and to get me off the phone that was it.

Hello. I'm so sorry for the disappointing customer service experience you've received and would like to see if we can offer support to address this concern. Please share with me specific details concerning the treatment you received so we can look further into this concern. We should certainly offer care and deliver the excellent customer service you are used to and hope to hear back from you soon!

I fully agree with your comments. USAA is truly becoming pathetic. It is no longer an association of military leaders (Officers and NCOs). It has really gone south since a non-veteran has taken the helm.

@2 Late 2 Divorce, I regret to hear you feel this way. Is there anything we may be able to address for you today? ~Holland

@Reid Fitzsimons, we certainly understand your concerns and take this to heart. This is why I'll forward this to the appropriate area for further review. ~ Stacy

Yesterday I spent an hour on the phone just to clarify a simple issue.  Service is terrible not just bad, terrible.  In my case, I asked the service rep to have a supervisor call me.  He or she never did call.   The issue I wanted to address was overdraft protection.  USAA had recently sent me two letters, both informing me that my Savings Accounts were now protected against overdraft.  That's right my SAVINGS ACCOUNTS were protected -- really.  Nothing about my checking account protection, which was the nature of my service call.  Of course, neither letter was signed.  They no longer believe in accountability so the signature block simply says "Thank you, USAA Federal Savings Bank." 


Returning to the excessive time required to make the service call is key to understanding why leadership at USAA is in my view non-existant.   I started by calling the USAA number, followed the prompts, and was advised that 'there was a 20-minute delay and by selecting "1" I could 'hang up and a representative would return my call'.  In fact, USAA called back 10 minutes later.  However, It was at this point that I was dropped into a queue where I had to listen to the most annoying jingle for the next 35 minutes.  Once connected, the representative was both well informed and professional in answering my questions -- at this level, there is still pride in doing outstanding work.  At the conclusion of our call, I asked the representative to please connect me with a supervisor -- I did point out that her performance was not at all a problem.  She agreed, placed me on hold, and when she returned informed me that the supervisor was not available at the moment, but he would return my call at his earliest convenience.  The call never came, the supervisor never returned my call. 


To me, the issue is a complete lack of accountability which stems from an absence of leadership.  If USAA board members are listening: please bring in an outside firm to audit and sample customer service.  Don't take the results to senior management, they are the problem!   Replace them and start over, you could not possibly do any worse than our present situation. 


Gregory P. Ulrich, LtCol, USAF Ret.....  and a 50-year member of USAA

@Greg Paul, Thank you for reaching out today about this issue. I am so sorry the the overdraft protection was not initially set up correctly and you had to call in. We appreciate your 50 years of trust and loyalty and know what kind of customer service you are accustomed to. If we have failed you, then we need to look in the mirror.


In regards to the callback, that can take up to 24 hours or the next business day. If it was submitted today, hopefully you still get that callback today. I am also forwarding your concerns now to a bank specialist to review this. Thank you again for your membership of 50 years. You are the reason I love my job! Take care LtCol Ulrich  ~Tom

Anytime I see USAA "honoring" the military and veterans all I see is meaningless public relations fluff- you are absolutely correct. I'm at 37 year member and I truly believe there was a time when being a "member" was something meaningful- sure, USAA was a business, but "they" were "us," and members were more important than simple profit. Today, especially with the rise of the hipster CEO Wayne Peacock (the first one with no military experience), they simply exploit the honor of the prestigious "member" base to maximize profit (Peacock makes about $5 million a year) and dabble in political "wokeness" for self-gratification. It's almost as if they disdain their "members," and wish they would just pay up, shut up, and comply.

I too remember when being a USAA member was truly a good thing and the leadership was truly one of us. That was a long time ago. I hate it for the young troops who will believe their ad campaigns to later find out they have no friend in USAA. I also hate it for their front line workers. Many wonderful people that the USAA leaders/decision makers hide behind...they are stuck in the middle powerless to make things right for the members they have to speak to and repeatedly disappoint. Poor leadership all around. Sad to watch.