Three months ago I was fired because I took time off for medical reasons.
I was not able to pay certain bills, and ended up overdrawing all my accounts. 
Now a check finally gets deposited, and my account says "unavailable". I cant access or use said account when I need the money. My wife and I are hungry. This wouldnt be so bad if she wasnt pregnant. 
I need my account reactivated and USAA is taking to long to fix the issue. I was told as soon as the money was in my account it would work once again.


They likely want to make sure the check is good so you don't try to shaft them -- again. Sounds like they are using a prudent approach.


I"m sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, as a member community manager I do not have access to your account information. In order to resolve this you will need to contact a member services representative. 

You can reach a specialist by clicking here or by telephone at 1-800-531-8722.