I'm new here and recently deposited a 300$ check. 300$ not 3000000$ and was told it won't be available for a week. I haven't eaten in days. This is DISGUSTING.A 5 day hold on a payroll check. very disappointed and will be closing this account.


Hi K.Chante,

The depository agreement gives details about the length of time you can expect on deposits. If you would like a specific reason to why your check in on hold, please give us a call here at 1-800-531-8722.


Here is a an expert about New members form the Depository Agreement:

depository arg NEW accts.png

Thank you for posting.

I agree that crazy . Normally if the put a hold on a payroll check 1 time . It clears it from the hold the next . It's much easier to have automatic deposit and normally those funds are available a day earlier . If you told the bank that was the only money you had they should have released some of the money . BOA does .

K Chante... so what you are saying is if I gave you a check for $300 you would immediately give me my cash?  You don't know me, you don't know if the check is any good and you have no idea if I am just looking for free spending money.  The bank looks at it the same way. 


I have been with USAA for longer than many of the people who post complaints about holds have been alive.  USAA very seldom holds anything on me, although I generally don't deposit over $2K-$3K at one time.  But as I said, I have been with them a long time.  I have had mortgage loans and car loans and have 2 credit cards.  None have ever had late payments and my accounts never have insufficient funds.  So I get the better service.  But I also have a local credit union account that I seldom have more than $500 in.  I have had no loans with them and no credit cards.  If I deposit $1,000, they will hold it 7 days.  Bottom line is, someone has to learn to trust you and know you are good to your word in order to earn the relationship I have with USAA.  Jumping ship to another bank just makes you start all over again.

You must work for USAA..average every day bank