Over a month ago Sprint tried to steal $375 from my checking account saying I owed them for lease fees. I haven’t been a sprint customer for over two years. The sprint agreement I signed up for was after a year the phone would be paid off I was told by the sales guy. I was with sprint probably three years so I had no more phone lease. I quit sprint bc after I would pay a bill I would be charged double. This went on for months. After asking for proof of payments, I quit sprint. I didn’t have a contract anymore as I was month to month. After almost two years this happens and I have dispute it with USAA & they have had the worst customer service I have seen. Being A 20 YEAR MEMBER you would think they would be on my side as I have never had any fraudulent activity or had been negative since I had my account. Sprint had never sent me a past due bill & it was not on my credit report as a past due account so for them to up and steal almost $400 just bc they have my bank info is stealing and unlawful!! I wrote the BBB twice to retrieve my contract and get what I paid them throughout my entire time with them to see any discrepancies. After I read he’s out to the BBB Sprint sent me one bill 50 times!!!! It showed nothing that I owed them, they just made it up. I sent the same bill back
To sprint and complained again to the BBB that they have not proven I legally owe them anything. I then wrote a letter requesting my Contract with them and all my payments I ever made with them. Waiting on that. I’m the meantime I told USAA I owe sprint nothing! Come to find out Sprint sent them a bill out of nowhere and a supposed lease agreement. That was NOT my original agreement they made it up just to show they could steal money I have called USAA NUMEROUS TIMES AND THEY HAVE ME ON HOLD OVER THIRTY MINUTES! They have sided with Sprint bc they are LAZY AND DONT CARE ABOUT THE TRUTH!!!! I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH SPRINT OR USAA EVER AGAIN!!!!!!! DISGUSTING!!!


Mags76 - I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason