Unable to see Accounts on line

I have been unable to see my Checking and saving accounts on line for more than two months.  There is a request for me to sign a form that I am not legally allowed to sign and until the form is signed I cannot view my accounts.  i have spend countless hours on the telephone explaining what has happened with lovely representatives who don't have the authority to remove the document.  They have sent all the information to the "back office"  whenever that is and marked the requests "urgent", but no change.  I need an ombudsman or client representative who can talk to someone in the 'back office' to get this fixed.  It is not as though USAA is a bricks and mortar bank where I can go in and see someone.  The only way I can view my accounts is on-line.

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Seeing a USAA customer treated in such a derogatory manner is a disgraceful act by USAA. Fix this problem now! And apologize to all the so called (members). 

@pinetree, I can certainly understand your concern. I've elevated your feedback regarding this to the appropriate team. Thank you. 

Hello @Josanpu74

In order to assist further, we need to locate your information. From your USAA Community profile, send us a Private Message and include your name, ph# and email address on file, to help us locate your information. Thanks

~ Lori C

i do not see a way to send a private message to you under my Community profile.  When I select my profile unter the Community name it takes me right back to my main website.

@Josanpu74, Here are the steps,


Step 1: Click your profile name in the top right corner of the page.

Step 2: Click on My Settings

Step 3: Click Private Messaging and ensure the "Turn on Private Messaging" is selected and click "Save"

Step 4: Click the envelope icon (shown below) and Send a Message

How to Find Private Messaging.jpg

~ Lori C

This function does NOT work. 

Hello @Josanpu74. I am very sorry to hear of this issue with viewing your accounts. I have forwarded your concerns to a subject matter expert for review.