When will a definitave answer be given to Coast Guard members and families if 0% interest payday style loans will be offered, as they have been in the past during a government shutdown?  Several competing credit unions, such as Navy Federal were pretty quick getting information out.  For days USAA members have been given a link for more information that shows broken, or denies access.  We are being told that USAA is considering options, we as members would like to consider our options too and seeking assistance elseware is quickly becoming an option/necessity.  The fact that all this is happening during a holiday season with multiple federal holidays is making it more difficult on every side.  Can we please at least get a solid when and where if we can not get a yes or no at this time?


I just called USAA, still no answers. Pretty sure I know what I will do if USAA doesnt match what Navy fed is doing to support their Coast Guard Members. I was told to call back tomorrow.

Same here. No answer yet. This is a very difficult time of year to be in this sort of situation.
.26% will be charged on a one time loan! We will be leaving UsAA for this reason in a desperate time of need they are not serving their military families as they should

Amy31, We are sorry to hear you are disappointed. We will pass your feedback along to the appropriate team.

I'm with you, what a horrible horrible way to manage this...they can clearly see Navy Federal is offering a no-interest payroll advance, and USAA has offered a no-interest payroll advance in the past during government-wide shutdowns.  Just because this shutdown is affecting a much smaller group, they've decided it's necessary to charge interest?  What a horrible way to manage the bank's image and reputation during a tumultuous time.  Time to call the USAA corporate public affairs manager at home on their Christmas guys have failed miserably.  I'm already starting the process to switch to Navy Federal.  

@N_8, thank you for your feedback. I've submitted your information to the appropriate team for review. ~Holland

What part of capitalism don't you yahoos understand? want free loans? vote for a communist during the next election and let me know how that works out for you.  USAA is a bank, and banks don't give money away for free.  Maybe you'll pay closer attention to what's important to you when you make your selection during the next election cycle.  0.26% on a short term loan!?!?  That's the greatest deal ever!  I'm taking out one of these loans at every bank that will offer it.  Thank you USAA!

Yes it’s .26. However what my email said thats includes a .25 auto payment discount brining the APR to .01% still not the same as Navy fed but it’s an option for those who have been using USAA.
Complaining is the most capitalist thing people can do, and switching to a company that offers better products is also capitalist. Not being able to complain or have options would fall more in the government owned programs of communism. Those other banks make these offers because they want to make their customer base happy.