I closed my last remaining insurance account with USAA well over six months ago. USAA has yet to pay me the balance of my subscriber savings account. Has anyone else experienced this?


I canceled all my USAA insurance (no regrets! It's a relief to divest myself of this toxic and dishonorable company- I'm a 37 ye-year member and it's been sad watching its decline) in mid-Sept. I was told the SSA balance would be refunded to me by either the end of January or six months; I don't recall exactly which.


I am wary of anything they say. Also this past Sept, in an unrelated matter, I had $1,200 simply disappear and it took me countless hours on the phone with suprisingly incapable service reps to reclaim the money.

I have called and written customer service many times. They have been unable to help so far. I filed a complaint with the BBB; not sure what else I can do.

I'm a 50 year USAA member who is getting ready to dump them, I'd sure appreciate it if you keep the community posted on how your battle turns out.

No change so far. I am starting to suspect that USAA has no intention of ever releasing the funds to me.