USAA uses stall tactics to get your money tax free to invest and make money for themselves.

So Figured I would give USAA a second chance. But now they took my 3000.00 and placed a hold on the money for a week. It was an ACH. They have the money and claim oh we do not have it and I ask why do I have a 3000.00 taken from my other bank account already. They refuse to lift the hold and release my money. They want it for 4 days more. and refuse to pay me interest, while they invest it and collect interest on my money but keep it for themselves. I called and they refused to let me speak with a supervisor or manager. What a load of BS, I never had a hold placed on my money even in the 70's. USAA has gone way down the list on good banks. They used to be good but now just take advantage of other veterans to line their own pockets. They do not even let me close the account until they collect interest on my money for themselves. Thieves

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Hello @Retired Verteran and thank you for reaching out to us. I see that your account is relatively new. Funds may be placed on hold temporarily to allow the deposited item to be cleared with the paying bank.

Sometimes these holds are attributed to a lack of significant deposit account history or if items deposited into your account have been returned in the recent past. Please keep in mind that continuing to maintain positive activity in your account will aid in reducing holds on deposited funds in the future. 


I have located you in our system and will be forwarding your details to a subject matter for further review. ~Sarah 

It’s an ach. You have the funds. They cleared and are in you account. I did an exact transfer the next day and I already had access to them yesterday. Just return the funds and close my account.