USAA - undependable and potentially costly mistake.

So after 15 years as a costumer I am closing all my services with USAA.

The reason, I used my Debit card at Starbucks yesterday and it was declined...ok no big deal, checked the APP to see whats going on.

On the APP I notice my checking and savings accounts are not listed.  Calling USAA to find out what happened, and they tell me:

" oh, you accounts are not showing because we closed your accounts due to administrative reasons"


"yes your accounts were closed last week and we mailed your funds in a check to your address on file"

AND you were going to tell me when?!?

The answer to the is 5 days later, I just now get a notice in documents saying they closed my reason given just that they did it.

Hopefully I can get everything moved over to another bank before my bills start bouncing from this no notice closure. 

Thanks USAA, i'll take my business elsewhere.


I'm sorry to hear this, @unko - I have provided your feedback to our business team to address as appropriately. Please know, they aren't in the office at the moment and will need sufficient time for the research to be completed. - Cathleen

I currently cannot see my accounts I am praying this isn’t the case someone told me they are down right now.

Same here at 6:35am eastern time. so it's likely just a system problem. The sad thing is, I actually wondered for a moment if it's imcompetence on the part of USAA, something I never would have suspected before in my 36 years as a member, or even retaliation- I'm currently in a dispute with USAA: I strongly oppose their sudden and absolute support for Black Lives Matter and am terribly sad to see it's become an activist partisan organization.

I am still waiting for USAA to publish the number of cases in which this has occurred.  I have received communications from USAA explaining *why* this may have happened to members, but they are not satisfactory.  This is a quality management issue, folks, not a friggin state secret.  How many people have had their accounts summarily closed?  What effort did USAA make to contact them prior? 


People who get their accounts closed without what they believe is adequate notice will surely (1) complain, and (2) go elsewhere.  Neither is good for USAA.  USAA needs to be tracking and reporting these events so they can be prevented in the future.