USAA treats me like a criminal. What happened to USAA??

This bank used to be different.  After 35 years having a stable account with them (stable job), they are holding my deposits.  They will not let me deposit any amount greater than $1,000 per day.  If my mom gives me  $3,000 check, I need to go back and ask her to give me 3 checks instead.

The customer service is still excellent, but the general banking policies couls be described at best, as harassment.  I am in the process of slamming them on every site that will take a bank review.  But so happy to find a community here to commiserate with.  That they attempted to steal portions of stimulus checks is unconscionable. 


Hello @Skya. I do understand your concerns with your daily deposit limit and holds of your checks. I have forwarded this feedback to managment for further review. -Colleen

USAA has sold out to some other bank it seems ..It IS advisable to find a new bank. USAA will only get worse. they opened house to every one and do not have trained staff to carry the work load. there is a scam going on that is apparently hidden from members. Who knows who they are any more...What a Shame for all who have trusted a once great USAA org.... actually sickening