USAA transferring Credit Monitoring to Experian

Since USAA transferred Credit Monitoring to Experian we have been recieving almost daily solicitations for new credit cards.  I remember the days when you would leave the base and every other shop was a pawn broker, payday loan office or used car dealer.  I trusted USAA to deal with companies that will not try to shill their members.  Is anyone else having this experience?  I don't need more credit cards to "improve my credit score"!!!


Hello @Idaho Rocky. I have forwarded your feedback regrading your concerns. Thank you for sharing. -Colleen

Now we are receiving these type of solicitations from Experian.  You have not only turned our credit monitoring over to Experian, you also have a direct competitor for one of your main lines of business.

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Hello Idaho. We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback and we will make sure to forward it to the appropriate department. Thank you!