USAA to Credit Members with 2 Months Auto Insurance

USAA Management and Team Members are to be commended for the upcoming two-month credit for those members with Auto Insurance.  In this time of uncertainty, such actions are just one of the many reasons we have continued our USAA Membership for more than 40 years.


Although there are a number of negative comments on the USAA Community Board concerning a variety of topics, Members need to step back and review the many initiatives/services that USAA provides as well as the many positive improvements they have taken over the years to enhance the quality of life for all.


From this Member and Family, we extend our most sincere appreciation to USAA for a "Job Well Done"!


@ChiefSteve, it is truly our honor to serve you and your family, especially during this difficult time. Thank you so much for your long time memebership and for taking the time to post; your words are music to our ears!


Thank you again and stay well!

Very grateful to you for this.

Thank you @Kaybee. We are grateful for you and your membership. Stay safe!


Just received the email about the auto insurance premiums and wanted to come on line to say THANK YOU to USAA for again being a company I am proud to be a part of.  I was so disappointed to see others complaining that this was not enough.   I can't wrap my head around it.  


I have been a member of USAA for over 30 years and they make me proud in all they do.  Always!


So forgetting all the nay sayers ... To Mr Peacock and the rest of the USAA teams who remain there to help us anytime, any day in any situation ... THANK YOU.    Stay safe, stay well and know you are appreciated.  

Thank you @pug_mom_143 . Your kind words mean so much to all of us. We hope you are taking care of yourself and you family. We are so appreciative of your longtime membership and hope to serve you for many years to come!