I have been a member with USAA for 5+ years along with my family and it has gotten worse and worse with every interaction to the point I have now reached out to an attorney and filed a complaint with the federal reserve. This bank does nothing to support its members and instead completely screws their life. A stimulus check was deposited into he checkinig account and for some unknown reason the fraud team decided to investigate, after a week of investigation the determine there was no fraud, however it has been 3 weeks now and my account is still frozen. I have called every day and spend 2-4 hours on the phone with customer service or the Executive Resolute Team (Which is a joke) and all they say is they are waiting for the funds to be available.... ON A GOVERNMENT ISSUED STIMULUS CHECK...  That I am able to login to the IRS site and verify is a good check. Because of this I have had no access to any of my money. I have had numerous fines for non payment for automatic bills, I have now been dropped from my credit card company because they attempted to collect a payment a few times with no luck. Every time I call and spend 4 hours on the phone all they tell me is that it will  be another 72 hour wait. They continue to resubmit the check and before it comes back as good or bad they ASSUME it will be bad and then resubmit.. I have been told "it will be another 72 hours" for 3 weeks. I have requested a manager to call me back 3 times now and no one has called me. During a a pandemic like coronavirus when hours have been reduced or layoffs are happening, you would thin this bank would really stand out and be there for its memebers. Instead they are ruining my life and made things 1000x worse. At this point I want my money and I just want to walk away from this god awful customer service. 


I've been trying all day to cancel my credit card.  Wish you luck. This bank is useless

Nonsense100 - Sorry you feel this way. Anything specific we might address? - Jason